Goblin's Warhammer Gold & Mastery Guide

Goblin's Warhammer Online Mastery guide was leaked only a few days ago and it's one of the most successful guides out there. It not only contains information about making gold in Warhammer, but also tips and guides on other aspects of War, including a leveling guide, RvR guide, crafting guide and more.

Although as you can see it's not entirely focused on making gold, the info found inside is invaluable. There's dozens of genius tactics you can use to make gold in Warhammer, including:
  • Auction House - learn what and how to sell, best selling items, how to spot the best deals, how to get the most gold for rare items
  • Quests and RvR - doing quests and fighting other players in RvR battles may not be the best gold making method, but can yield significant income regardless. You'll be doing it anyway, so why not learn how to make the most out of it?
There's a few more categories but you get the point. This guide works for both casual and hardcore players, newbies and veterans. It does not matter what rank you are, since there are strategies which you can use as early as rank 1. It does work for both Order and Destruction, and regardless of your career or race choice.

If you want to read more about Goblin's guide you can check this page, or if you're brave enough go ahead and download it now!

Career Specific Gold Guides

To compliment the amazing Warhammer Online Gold Guide, there are also several other gold guides which have more specific gold making tips and tricks for different careers.

If you want detailed tips about making gold with your favorite career in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, these guides will show you secret methods for raking in hundreds of gold each day without having to play 10 hours just grinding.

Warhammer Online Gold Guide

Warhammer Online Gold Guide
This Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning gold guide is packed with amazing information about making gold in this game. There are various tips ranging from auction house reselling tactics, making gold in PvE, best grinding spots, public quests with high gold yields and more.

Here's a brief overview of the features found in this guide:
  • Learn what and how to buy items cheap and sell high just minutes later.
  • Hundreds of items, quests, locations, and vendors are linked WarDB for quick and easy references
  • Exact ways of making tons of gold with your crafing professions - all crafts are covered
  • Comprehensive list of items that each career amd craft needs, which you can resell for amazing prices later on
  • Farming spots chapter will show you exactly where to grind mobs to get over 100 gold per hour
  • This guide has plenty of information for both Order and Destruction
  • How to easily dominate the marked and earn thousands of gold overnight
  • Learn which items always sell and exactly how to get them
  • There's a ton of info about making gold even if you aren't rank 40
If you want to learn more about this guide or get it click here!